Prime Minister’s office of Marjan Sarec listens to Alion institute’s suggestions and solutions about animal protection, general awareness, and improvements

At the initiative of Tyasha Alion, the Alion Institute founder, we visited the Prime Minister’s office Marjan Sarec, where we were accepted by Secretary and responsible person for coordination between the National Assembly and the Government Mrs. Nika Poglajen and Mrs. Anja Grasic who is in charge to monitor environmental issues in the Slovenia.

The purpose of today’s visit was to present and get acquainted with the current issues of wildlife and intervention of a law relating to the killing of bears and wolves in Slovenia.

We also discussed the issues and regulation of the already existing but defective law on protection of pets and farmed animals that require a broader expert analysis and debate in the parliament.

We have provided some suggestions and solutions regarding wildlife, domestic and farm animals in the Republic of Slovenia and the EU, including:

  • Redirecting feeding beasts deep into the forest and reintroducing of slaughterhouse waste feeding.
  • Building green bridges for beasts when building infrastructures.
  • Increasing the power of the police to be able to respond urgently to animal abuse.
  • More monitoring on animal protection offenses.
  • Proposal on compulsory castration and sterilization of pets.
  • Taxing pets as a solution to their owners’ more responsible behavior and breeding control, which has proven to be a positive step in many EU countries.
  • Ban dog chains and consequences.
  • Transport of animals.
  • The livestock industry as the largest polluter of nature.
  • A flawed pet protection law where current responsibility is imposed on municipalities.

In the Animal Protection Section, we announce to the public, that Mrs. Nika Poglajen and Mrs. Anja Grasic have listened to our proposals, which also informed the Prime Minister Mr. Marjan Sarec.

We will keep the public informed about developments, solutions and results of our efforts.