Our First Brake Threw in India! After six years of visiting, calling, and emailing, … CEO of Municipality and Shri Sai Shirdi Temple in Maharashtra, Shirdi-India, decided to make a big change!

Pic. info: from right to leftTara Jovanovic, Tyasha Alion, CEO D. M. Muglikar and his staff. Source: Alion Institute, Slovenia.

Our members Tyasha Alion and Tara Jovanovic attended a meeting with CEO Mr. D. M. Muglikar at a Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust Temple in Shirdi, India.

Tyasha visits Sai Baba’s temple twice a year and for the past five years, she has been working on changing the attitude of strays and abandoned animals in Shirdi. She has been visiting chief executive officers at the municipality and Sai Baba’s Temple, but she was ignored by both every time for the past five years until now.

The newly elected Shri Deepak Muglikar listened to Tyasha and Tara. After a long meeting, they’ve agreed on a plan for vaccinating abandoned dogs. Providing medicine, medical assistance, and ambulance for stray abandoned and injured animals. After their departure, things really started to unfold. Volunteers began to gather, ready to help abandoned animals. We also connected with CEO Mr. Praveen Ohal from Hope and Animal Trust to move all the things further.