Necessary action has carried out for helpless animals in Shirdi, Maharashtra.

Shirdi, Maharashtra, India 26th of January 2021

Idea of doing something for Animals in Shirdi was come up with Tyasha from Alion Institute and her dear friends from Slovenia which are also Shirdi Baba devotees. The necessary action demands much active participation, and it wasn’t possible for members of the Alion Institute to be nearby at that time. 

Therefore, the helping hands to properly execute an idea were Binita, Hope & Animal Trust, IndieLove, Rohit, Praveen, Shruti, Sunil, Suranya, Juhi, Pramod, Kapish, CEO Shirdi Nagar panchayat Mr. Kakasaheb Doiphode, and volunteers from Shirdi.

Hope & Animal Trust, Indie Love and Sai Animal Care has vaccinated 302 dogs in Shirdi, Maharashtra, on 24/25th January 2021.

Sai Baba’s devotees from Sai Animal Care, IndieLove, Animal Peer and volunteers, carried out a responsible program to raise awareness towards stray dogs in Shirdi. The dogs were vaccinated. Fed. Treated for skin issues and collared.

The teams were working from morning till evening, at the slum areas and at the villages.
They handed out promotional flyers with statement: »Sweets are dangerous for dogs!« and the flyers with instructions: »How to avoid dog bites«. The necessary program was also supported by CER Shirdi Nagar Panchayat, Mr. Kakasaheb Dioiphode.

At Alion Institute we’re very grateful to each one of you for making this program possible in the most wonderful way!

We need your love and generous support to eliminate unimaginable suffering of the animals in Shirdi. and benefit the local communities by eradicating rabies in dogs.

Furthermore, we’re also setting up a rescue facility for the animals that are sick and injured in local Shirdi area and around the Sai Temple. 

Shirdi requires a secure clinic in which it will be properly carried out a rescue and rehabilitation program for beloved animals and to manage the increasing population of street dogs.

With your effective support, we’re appreciative for placing us an instrument for this noble action.
We’re convinced that this baby steps will cause life a little better for these voiceless kids…

Alion Institute is politely inviting you by heart, to be part of this project. 

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Area Covered in Shirdi in last two days: These are the GPS tags of the dogs vaccinated.