We don’t have to know what they would say if they could talk.
All we have to know is that they can feel.

Nicole Guillaume


Alion Institute was established with the intention to systematically improve transparency, legislation, public awareness, and conditions itself in the field of animal living conditions, and aims to achieve the goal with the use of new technology, general knowledge and effort.  

Its main goal is the research and development of an advanced fundamental support for communities, animal rights activists, experts, universities, governments, and technological innovations that will improve the living conditions of animals throughout Europe (EU28 region).

The Institute was established to combine the assistance in improving laws related to the nature and animals, informing and educating the public about the proper attitude towards animals, organizing financial support for organizations and individuals, and offering a new technology that will enable the remote adoption of animals

ALION Institute’s program represents a long-term increase in financial capacities, basic activities in amending acts, decisions and laws for the welfare of animals, major development and research potential raising public awareness, and introducing new academic-professional, interconnecting programs.


Study and explore relationships between the animal and the human world

People have become the biggest enemy of nature and consequently to ourselves due to the pollution by the production of plastics, chemicals, sewage, gases, earthquake etc. As we prioritize the economy and thus disregard nature. By studying history and its influence on human consciousness, the human mind is analyzed in relation to the relationship between man and nature-animal, the meaning of extinction of animal species in spiritual sense, the reason for the man losing contact with nature, with himself, etc.

Protection of the environment, protection of animal species and dissemination of knowledge about the correct attitude towards animals and nature

By analyzing and optimizing socio-economic links between humans and animals, the Institute contributes to economic and human development while protecting the environment and biodiversity. The focus is mainly on the well-being and the health of animals, because they are thought to be sentient beings with their needs, which need to be understood, accepted and respected in order to establish the correct attitude towards them and the environment in which people live.

This reduces the risk of transmission of microbial and viral diseases between the animal and human. Animal contagion is also reduced. In order to achieve this, the Institute builds on the latest scientific achievements that support the foundations of its standards, flying opinions and findings, and ensure the rapid spread of appropriate methods of preventing and controlling ill animals and encouraging others, especially;  

    • organizations,

    • schools,

    • kindergartens,

    • youth clubs,

    • companies and individuals,

with the purpose of organizing events at the celebration of the World Animal Day and to engage in various projects related to animals and nature, such as the ‘Clean Slovenia’ project.

Improving laws, regulations, and acts related to the environment and animals

Active cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations, institutions and representatives to improve laws, especially in countries with unsatisfactory legislation, that do not appropriately control the management of animals in a natural or domestic environment, in zoos, in public places or in slaughterhouses. The Institute aims to improve the approach in legislation in relation to animals and the environment.

Organizing financial support for organizations and individuals.

Financial support is provided to selected organizations, societies and individuals who take care of the environment, stray animals or wildlife offering conference, workshops, awareness-raising and educational events. This includes services such as: events, concerts, competitions for younger generations with regard to the environment and animals, documentary programs on nature and animals, workshops for the training of working-day owners, awareness of vaccination and prevention of rabies, radio and television interviews to raise awareness about animals and nature and more.

We are also participating in the research and educational program for the rehabilitation of stigmatized people in harmony with rehabilitated animals. The program is carried out at the GWARI Institute, Horjul under the supervision of dr. prof. vet. Alenka Dovc, with special attention given to educational activities.


The founder of the institute, Tyasha Alion, grew up on the farm. As a little girl, she was the voice of the animals, and it was impossible to silence her if she is encountered any abuse of animals. She has become an ally, a supporter, an international animal rights activist, and has been through her reverence also trained in veterinary direction.

Everyday socializing with animals meant more to her than a toy because she soon found out that they feel her, smile at her and offer her support. She began to return this goodness to them. In addition to everyday work with them, also with an innovative systematic approach at the highest level.

With the help of good people, she focuses on new programs to improve the future of nature and the help of the necessary animals.

The need to protect animals, the environment and awareness of responsibility led to the establishment of the Alion institute, which is based on the awareness that people have become the biggest enemy to ourselves and to nature, because it is polluted by the influence of economy, disrespect and impunity. The institute is based on the awareness that animals are sentient beings with their needs.

We need to understand, accept and respect their needs in order to establish the right attitude towards them and toward the environment in which we live. We invited an expert of survival in nature who spent most of his life in nature rather than at home, to jointly enable people to learn how to survive in the wild.



The first special feature of the ALION Institute is a development of an advanced technology platform, known as: “ALION EU28_Europa Rehabilitation Animal Analytics Platform”.

The platform will enable to research the problems and find their systematic solutions. Technology will offer easier and faster financing rehabilitation shelters, countries and responsible gov. ministries in the EU28 will have easier control, analytics tools to improve local conditions, and European law makers easier fundamental tool and pressure to change the situation to a higher condition level.

In the consortium of companies, universities and institute Alion, we are developing a web application that will allow to the general public within the EU to observe, compare, comment and offer assistance in animal abuse in all EU member states and the development, analysis and implication of a technology platform to raise public awareness of the accommodation of animals within country and in shelters. The platform offers greater opportunities for transparency and independence in general.


Alion Institute strives to improve and regulate inadequate laws, regulations, decisions, acts and controls on animals in individual countries of Europe, and beyond, by informing, educating and systematically raising public awareness of the appropriate attitude towards the animals.

The Institute also carries out and organizes various lectures, meetings and events on its social platforms through its social platforms.

We are also actively encountering representatives of governmental ministries, which we are warning and trying to represent and solve the problems at the legislative level. Our platform enables systematic problem management across the EU28 area, and beyond.

Allion Institute strives to improve and regulate poor laws, regulations, decisions, acts and animal controls in individual countries. Through informing, educating and raising awareness of the public about a better relationship between man and nature, and above all to animals.

The institute works through social media and organizes various lectures, meetings and events on which performs his activity.



The “Research & Education” program is aimed at raising awareness of the general public about the status of farmed, wild and domestic animals in the European region, and wider.

The Research and Education program is based on a specific, developed own developed platform that systematically identify, alert and help improve the situation in Europe. The analysis and the final results are presented to the public. Politicians have the chance to provide support in the systematic implementation of these programs.

The program also covers the dissemination of supporters and activists, support to political-academic-professional cooperation, the development of professional programs and the global promotion of improving attitudes towards animals and nature.

With the GWARI Institute we participate in the implementation of the ‘Human rehabilitation’ program. The program covers the rehabilitation of wild animals with professional approaches for better recovery and return to nature.

The special feature of the program is that it is based on the symbiosis between animal and human. For assistance, handicapped persons, patients with depression, other mental disorders and others with social disorders in development, on the basis of practical experience, an internationally recognized expert prof. dr. Alenka Dovč.

The program includes experts in medicine, veterinary medicine, psychology and sociology, and veterinary students who can help in the handling of animals in a specific way and at the same time act on the welfare of animals.



Become a savior of the tortured, neglected or severely discarded animals. Use an innovative platform to monitor more specifically the condition of the adopted animal in a particular shelter more transparently.

Remote Wild Animal Adoption is a program that can help you accelerate our programs and support volunteer activists, awareness raising, systematic rescue, care and better future of animals. Become a part of our efforts with your adoption of salvaged animals across Europe, in an innovative and more transparent way.

Become a Savior of the tortured, neglected, or cruel discarded animals.
Remote Wild Animal Adoption is a program that can help you promote our programs and support volunteer activists, raise awareness, save, care and improve the future of animals.

Become a part of our efforts with your adoption of salvaged animals.

The animals described here, where discarded and saved from near death. Some have been described as deserted, most often damaged by torture, inadequately supplied, undernourished, and could still be listed.


The Alion Institute consists of a group of environmentalists, experts, visionaries and entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in their field. Everyone is dedicated to their work, which represents changes and improvements in education, awareness and information in the direction of animal welfare and nature protection.

Tyasha Alion is an Animal Activist, CEO and Project Manager at the Alion Institute, and the president of Section for Animal Rights and Protection at Political Party Youth – Green Europe.

Head of the administration: Misa Kramar

Secretary: Nola Cerar

Adviser&Coordinator for Economic & Commercial Affairs: Bojan Mavric

Public Relations: Natasa Likar

EU Funding Project Advisor: Simona Brezar

Fundrasing: Mihael Mikuz

Questions in general: Tyasha Alion

Legal questions: Law Firm – Divjak


Would you also like to become part of the movement to raise public awareness of the status of domestic, farmed and wildlife, a part of the team that, with great effort, is researching, analyzing and fighting with bureaucracy on a daily basis?

Do you want to be part of a dedicated team that is fighting against torture and neglecting wild and other animals do not have time to physically help?

Become a part of the movement and a member of the ALION Institute.

By donating any amount in EUR or USD to our special account (click here and becoming a member), you can contribute to the fund of the institute, which is transparent and focused on our work, professional transport, documentation costs, animal feed, professional care (external veterinarians, medicines, operations, etc.), rehabilitation and modernization of controlled, comfortable accommodation.

Our programs are run exclusively with volunteers. The funds collected are carefully, transparently and focused for the operation of the Institute. Donations are used to save animals, professional transport, documentation costs, adequate food, professional care (external veterinarians, medicines, operations, etc.), rehabilitation and modernization of controlled, comfortable accommodation.

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Grosuplje, 4th June 2022 Tyasha Alion from the Alion Institute attended a traditional event arranged by the OLDTIMER – GROSUPLJE Association of Vintage Vehicles and Motorcycles. At the Bee House, they were eagerly watching the video presentation of the historical origin


Scam in ABC Program in Shirdi!

3rd June 2022 – Shirdi, Maharasthra, India After many complaints from locals, volunteers, and Alion Institute, the agency, called Utkarsh did not improve their work regarding neglecting the stray dogs



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