A representative of the Alion Institute, Tyasha Alion, participated in the business and logistics conference Moving Slovenia 6.0.
The event was organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Advantage Austria Slovenija and Finance News.

Source: Alion Institute

The content of the program was related to the Slovenian logistics space with all the issues that are at the national level.

We were interested in how the logistical conditions (import, export, transport, landfill) regarding protected animals in Slovenia are regulated according to EU regulations.

Considering that we humans strive for a better standard, we should also strive for a better standard of farmed and other animals.

We notice that this issue is not talked about enough. The topics are not open to this issue.
Hungry, dehydrated animals, covered in their own feces and wounds, crammed into trucks too small to carry pigs, but not cows and bulls. It has been brought to our attention by members of Swiss-German and Israeli animal rights organizations. Members of the organizations watched the movement of 361 calves and bulls from Lithuania to Israel.

The transport and investigation were conducted between July 24 and August. Not everybody arrived at the finish line. As because of bad conditions, some of them have already died in transit. Not only that this occurs in the EU, but Slovenia is also included in the history of inhuman treatment. The. Livestock arrived in Israel through the port of Koper.

In the link below you can see the footage of brutal animal transport, also through the Port of Koper, Slovenia.