The Institute was established to combine assistance in improving laws related to nature and animals, informing and educating the public about the proper attitude towards animals, organizing financial support for organizations and individuals, and offering a new technology that will enable the remote adoption of animals

ALION Institute’s program represents a long-term increase in financial capacities, basic activities in amending acts, decisions and laws for the welfare of animals, major development and research potential raising public awareness, and introducing new academic-professional, interconnecting programs.


Study and explore relationships between the animal and the human world

People have become the biggest enemy of nature and consequently to ourselves due to the pollution by the production of plastics, chemicals, sewage, gases, earthquake etc. As we prioritize the economy and thus disregard nature. By studying history and its influence on human consciousness, the human mind is analyzed in relation to the relationship between man and nature-animal, the meaning of extinction of animal species in spiritual sense, the reason for the man losing contact with nature, with himself, etc.

Protection of the environment, protection of animal species and dissemination of knowledge about the correct attitude towards animals and nature

By analyzing and optimizing socio-economic links between humans and animals, the Institute contributes to economic and human development while protecting the environment and biodiversity. The focus is mainly on the well-being and the health of animals, because they are thought to be sentient beings with their needs, which need to be understood, accepted and respected in order to establish the correct attitude towards them and the environment in which people live.

Source: Alion Institute. Storks in Slovenia

This reduces the risk of transmission of microbial and viral diseases between the animal and human. Animal contagion is also reduced. In order to achieve this, the Institute builds on the latest scientific achievements that support the foundations of its standards, flying opinions and findings, and ensure the rapid spread of appropriate methods of preventing and controlling ill animals and encouraging others, especially; 
    • organizations,
    • schools,
    • kindergartens,
    • youth clubs,
    • companies and individuals
With the purpose of organizing events at the celebration of the World Animal Day and to engage in various projects related to animals and nature, such as the ‘Clean Slovenia’ project.

Improving laws, regulations, and acts related to the environment and animals
Active cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations, institutions and representatives to improve laws, especially in countries with unsatisfactory legislation, that do not appropriately control the management of animals in a natural or domestic environment, in zoos, in public places or in slaughterhouses. The Institute aims to improve the approach in legislation in relation to animals and the environment.

Organizing financial support for organizations and individuals.
Financial support is provided to selected organizations, societies and individuals who take care of the environment, stray animals or wildlife offering conference, workshops, awareness-raising and educational events. This includes services such as: events, concerts, competitions for younger generations with regard to the environment and animals, documentary programs on nature and animals, workshops for the training of working-day owners, awareness of vaccination and prevention of rabies, radio and television interviews to raise awareness about animals and nature and more.

We are also participating in the research and educational program for the rehabilitation of stigmatized people in harmony with rehabilitated animals. The program is carried out at the GWARI Institute, Horjul under the supervision of dr. prof. vet. Alenka Dovc, with special attention given to educational activities.

Global Wild Animal Research Institute