The Alion Institute consists of a group of environmentalists, experts, visionaries, and entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in their field. Everyone is dedicated to their work, which represents changes and improvements in education, awareness, and information in the direction of animal welfare and nature protection.

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Facebook: Alion Institute

Linkedin: Tyasha Alion

Tyasha Alion is an Animal Activist, CEO, and Project Manager at the Alion Institute, a member of the Knights Order Of St. George from Carthinia, and the president of the Section for Animal Rights and Protection at Political Party Youth – Green Europe.

Head of the administration: Misa Kramar

Secretary: Tara Jovanovic

Adviser & Coordinator for Economic & Commercial Affairs: Bojan Mavric

Public Relations: Natasa Likar

EU Funding Project Advisor: Simona Brezar

Project manager: Tyasha Alion

Legal questions: Law Firm – Dr. Jaka Pengov

Questions in general: Tyasha Alion