The Research and Education program is based on a specific, self-developed platform that systematically identifies, alerts, and helps to improve the situation in Europe. The analysis and the final results are presented to the public. Representatives have the chance to provide support in the systematic implementation of these programs.

The program also covers the dissemination of supporters and activists, support to political-academic-professional cooperation, the development of professional programs, and the global promotion of improving attitudes towards animals and nature.

With the GWARI Institute, we participate in the implementation of the ‘Human rehabilitation’ program. The program covers the rehabilitation of wild animals with professional approaches for better recovery and consequential return to nature.

The special feature of the program is that it is based on the symbiosis between the animal and the. For assistance with disabled persons, patients with depression and with individuals with mental disorders, and others with social disorders in development, we are assisted by an internationally recognized expert prof. dr. Alenka Dovc.

The program includes experts in medicine, veterinary medicine, psychology, and sociology, and veterinary students who can help in the management of animals in the appropriate way and can at the same time improve the welfare of animals.



The first special feature of the ALION Institute is the development of an advanced technology platform, known as: “ALION EU27_Europa Rehabilitation Animal Analytics Platform”.

The platform will enable to research the problems and find systemic solutions. Technology will offer easier and faster financing of the rehabilitation shelters, as well as improve the oversight of countries and responsible government ministries in the EU27. It will also offer analytic tools to improve local conditions and provide European lawmakers with an easier-to-use tool for them to improve the aforementioned conditions.

In the consortium of companies, universities, and the institute Alion, we are developing a web application that will allow the general public within the EU to observe, compare, comment, and offer assistance in animal abuse, designed in all EU member states and in the development, analysis, and implementation of a technology platform, designed to raise public awareness of the accommodation of animals within the country and in shelters. The platform offers greater opportunities for transparency and independence in general.