The founder of the institute, Tyasha Alion, grew up on the farm. As a little girl, she was the voice of the animals, and it was impossible to silence her if she is encountering any abuse from the animals. She has become an ally, a supporter, and an international animal rights activist, and is, due to her deep respect for animals, also trained in the veterinary field.

Everyday socializing with animals meant more to her than a toy because she soon found out that they feel her, smile at her and offer her support. She began to return this goodness to them. In addition to everyday work with them, also with an innovative systematic approach at the highest level.

With the help of good people, she focuses on new programs to improve the future of nature and the help of the necessary animals.

The need to protect animals, the environment and awareness of responsibility led to the establishment of the Alion institute, which is based on the awareness that people have become the biggest enemy to ourselves and to nature, because it is polluted by the influence of economy, disrespect and impunity. The institute is based on the awareness that animals are sentient beings with their needs.

We need to understand, accept and respect their needs in order to establish the right attitude towards them and toward the environment in which we live. We invited an expert of survival in nature who spent most of his life in nature rather than at home, to jointly enable people to learn how to survive in the wild.

Source: Personal archive.
Tyasha at Zoo Park Rozman - G.W.A.R.I