Austrian Business Circle, outdoor meeting.

Ljubljana 23th of June 2022

Active members of the Alion Institute joined the traditional ‘Austrian Business Circle’ outdoor meeting. Like every year, this year we responded to the kind invitation of the Chamber of Commerce Advantage Austria Ljubljana.
The meeting took place at Tivoli Boat Park (Čolnarna Park Tivoli), where we were able to admire majestic animals such as; beloved swans, ducks, fish, dragonflies, frogs, and other autochthonous animals living in the vicinity of the waters.

Source: Alion Institute

The meanings of birds and their symbolism vary greatly from representing the connection between the human world and the spirit one.
Birds represent freedom, immortality, enlightenment, departed souls, and spirit messengers, representing fertility, protection, and strength.
The unique physical structure of birds with hollow bones, feathers, and light bodies gives them the ability to fly. This is an ability that is understandably envied by flightless creatures like us humans...We usually can't let go of all our worries and go beyond the potential problems...


Source: Alion Institute

We toasted many remarkable success stories of the Austrian economy in Slovenia, and we took advantage of the meeting for new acquaintances. We exchanged our unique experiences and experiences with other eager participants.
The social event was arranged in cooperation with Advantage Austria Ljubljana partners:

• Tourist region Klagenfurt on Lake Wörth -
• Office of the Provincial Government of Austrian Carinthia
• BABEG - Invest in Carinthia.

Source: Alion Institute