Horjul, Slovenia
April 4, 2022

Mr. Rozmanec signed a contract committing him to radical changes and improvements. 
Nonetheless, the biggest part of the cash donation will spend on daily expenses. “I’m used to living on a very small budget. I will not change that. But I will sleep better knowing that I have money for regular expenses for at least some time ahead. I am infinitely grateful for that.”

Source: Zoo Park Rozman

“We have already found a respectable honorary ambassador to help the zoo even more. Our next goal is to help Mr. Rozmanec build a new classroom where the therapies will take place, build a new fence, find new food suppliers, etc. This way, we are not improving an isolated case but changing someone’s industry. Not for one year but for a few decades,” Roberto Hroval explained. 

After the formal ceremony, Joze Rozmanec invited all to a guided tour through the zoo. 

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 Source: Zoo Park Rozman-Gwari Institute