Luka Zorenc, Tyasha Alion

Grosuplje, 12th of March 2022

Alion institute’s representative, Tyasha Alion, attended an Animal First Aid training program for the second time.
Slovenian Vets for Stray Pets, SVSP (dr. vet. med. Ziga Orazem) and former member of the Special Operations Forces of the Slovenian Army Luka Zorenc, launched one of many First Aid Training Programs to provide rescuers with key medical knowledge.
Dr. vet. med. Ziga Orazem

Several times per year they host participants from all across Slovenia for an intensive weekend of practical and theoretical training. This time the training was covering all aspects of animal first aid.
Participants consolidated knowledge of how to treat the fracture, how to deal with bites and stings, how to conduct a physical examination, skin diseases, respiratory infections, eye and ear problems, diarrhea, vomiting, electrocution, CPR, wound management, and more…
Source: Personal archive
During the days of intensive training, we have performed exposed to a broad variety of cases, making our time there packed with a huge amount of learning.
If we find ourselves in a critical situation with no access to veterinary services, we must execute what we can to serve the wounded animals in need. However, the challenging course provided us with the knowledge to treat recurrent injuries and diseases.

Training programs provide us with the skills to become life-savers of animals.

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Source: Alion Institute