Kocevje, Ribnica
17th of June 2021

Tyasha Alion from the Institute for Research and Development of Animal Species and the Section for the Protection and Animal Rights of the Youth Party - Green Europe, attended the Kocevje-Ribnica forum on 'How to keep young people at home and promote technological development'.
The social event was organized by the official newspaper Finance and hosted by an entrepreneur Mr. Janez Skrabec from the successful company Riko.
Pic. Info: Tyasha Alion with Mr. Janez Skrabec, RIKO Company
An interesting presentation was the construction of log houses by the company Natural Log House, where the laws of nature are taken into account when logging trees - felling at the full moon, winter time, length of dormant wood...

At the social event, Tyasha Alion also had the opportunity to connect with the local mayor of Kocevje prof. Dr. Vladimir Prebilic.
The local municipality of Kocevje has the most forest areas where a significant number of native animals traditionally live.
Pic. Info: Tyasha Alion with the local mayor of Kocevje prof. Dr. Vladimir Prebilic
We learned that the state ministry did not invite the local municipality of Kocevje to participate as an interlocutor in resolving the problematic issue of the overcrowding of wild animals in the Kocevje forests.