Source: Finance Academy


Koper, Slovenia
25th of October 2022

Members of the Alion Institute and attended the regional forum. The forum was organized by Finance and Business Academy with its sponsors.
 We were very impressed with the space in which the event took place. The interior of the former Minorite monastery of Saint Francis of Assisi is decorated with arches and frescoes. The monastery with a medieval design from the 13th century was restored and today serves as a protocol and event hall.

Source: Alion Institute

The main topic of the forum was the discussion about water, wildfire, drought, flood, and tourism.
We were particularly interested in the state of water resources during the dry season, during fires, and the preservation of biodiversity.

We had a conversation with the mayor of the municipality Koper, Mr. Ales Brzan. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the Slovenian state behaves very uninterested in ensuring the constitutional right to water and its resources. Let us mention that Slovenia has abundant water resources. And precisely because of this, the ecosystem of Slovenian Istria should not be affected.

Bojan Mavric. Mayor of the municipality Koper, Mr. Ales Brzan and Tyasha Alion

We also spoke with the manager of the passenger terminal, Porto Koper, with Mr. Mitja Dujc. Considering the incident that happened in Porto Koper a few years ago due to the bad behavior of workers in the transport of animals. We were interested in improvements and the current situation for the good care of transport animals.

Tyasha A. with the manager of the passenger terminal, Porto Koper, Mr. Mitja Dujc.

Mr. Mitja Dujc assured us that the errors have been corrected and that the condition and care of transport animals are by all directives dictated by the EU. He also mentioned that they are trying to reach a higher standard and that they are one of the few ports in the EU that have a veterinary unit in this area.

Tyasha A. with the director of the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Primorska, Mr. Robert Rakar

At the event, we also met the CEO Chamber of Commerce and industry of Primorska Mr. Robert Rakar. The conversation took place on the topic of animals and nature, which he is very fond of. We were happy to talk with him because he gave us a concrete proposal on which technology should be used to prevent birds from bumping into the windmills.


Source: Alion Institute