DonnAkademy Days with Bernarda Marovt

Source: Personal archive

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Saturday 29th October 2022

International fashion icon Bernarda Marolt invited us to her ceremonial closing of the DonnAkademy Academy, as every year, a bunch of experts from various thematic areas participated.
Animal rights activist at the Alion institute, Tyasha Alion, has spoken with legendary model Bernarda Marovt, with Nina Gazibara, a Slovenian model, photo model, and TV presenter and fashion designer Maja Ferme, about the state and issues of animals in Europe, as well as possible activities and involvement of the fashion industry in improving animal rights.   

Source: Alion Institute

At the event, we noticed Farmasi cosmetics. We were happy that Bernarda cares about raising awareness and chooses cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Cosmetics are PET safe. BABY Safe and ECO friendly.
We must emphasize that FARMASI cosmetics products are carefully designed, without harmful and allergenic ingredients, and completely without ingredients of animal origin. The products are previously tested in a dermatological laboratory and are not tested on animals.

Source: Alion Institute, Bernarda Marovt

DonnAcademy is the academy for ladies with lessons that aim to improve the psychophysical aspect of women, self-confidence, and how recognize the secret of charisma for personal growth. At the event, we also invited the ladies to become a part of  Knight’s Order of St. George from Carinthia.