The Greens of Slovenia & Party of Youth

Direct request for constitutional review of the necessary provisions of the specific amendment
to the Nature Conservation Act

Ljubljana, 11 June 2020

Today, on the 31st anniversary of the establishment of the Greens, the Greens of Slovenia and the Party of Youth — Greens of Europe submitted a request to the Constitutional Court for a constitutional review of the provisions of the amendment to the Nature Conservation Act.
This amendment restricts the participation of non-governmental organizations in administrative and judicial processes, and the conditions do not help to preserve the environment.

Igor Jurisic and Tyasha Alion from the Youth Party — Greens of Europe emphasized that the change in the law does not affect the quality of work of non-governmental bodies.
Administratively and numerically, it restricts those who want to participate and obtain the status of a non-governmental organization acting in the social interest.

The longtime president of the Green Party Slovenia, Andrej Cus, proposes that a decision be made on the constitutionality of the amendment as soon as possible.
He said that the political talks should be properly focused on conserving the local environment and precious water resources and that conflicts and emergencies are currently being created to fill the pockets of certain institutions at the expense of the environment and nature.